Minting NFTs is probably one of the trendiest topics in the crypto space, thanks to the insane sales that made several NFT creators millionaires. I’m sure you’ve already heard that you can make a ton of money by creating an NFT that sells for millions. Well, the minting NFTs is not as easy as you think worthwhile.

Hold up! Do you know what an NFT is? In simple terms, an NFT is a non-fungible token that’s not divisible like the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. A none fungible token is a single asset that you can transfer from one person to the next in blockchain technology. More importantly, this token is unique. Now that that’s out of the way let’s take a look at the top 5 places to mint NFTs.

Minting NFTs Guide 2021: Top 5 places to mint NFTs

1.     Ethereum

Without a doubt, Ethereum is one of the most popular places to mint NFTs. Above all, it’s the second-largest crypto in terms of market cap, following Bitcoin. This blockchain makes it possible for creators to build applications on top of it, including platforms where you can mint NFTs. Such platforms include:

  • OpenSea: it’s the first and largest marketplace for NFTs worldwide existing on the Ethereum blockchain. The marketplace includes digital art, domain names, and other assets that are backed by blockchain technology.
  • Mintable is an NFT web-based platform that allows anyone with an internet connection to create ETH-based non-fungible tokens. Additionally, it’s easy to use the minting feature on this platform. The best part is that there’s a ready market on the same site once you’ve completed minting the item.
  • Rarible: The last platform that works on the Ethereum blockchain and offers the perfect place for minting NFTs is Rarible. The site is relatively easy to understand and use.

These top Ethereum-based NFT creation sites are pretty popular. However, because they run on the ETH blockchain, you can only connect with ERC wallets. More importantly, these marketplaces will typically use ETH as the payment currency. Aside from that, these platforms are still the best places to mint NFTS.

2.     WAX

WAX is relatively a child of the Worldwide Asset eXchange, and it’s solely dedicated to the creation and selling of NFTs. Without a doubt, WAX is currently the largest decentralized platform in the video game network. What’s more, this platform is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. WAX is working towards creating an equitable and fairer NFT ecosystem with minimal technical requirements to minting NFTs.

The NFT ecosystem allows people who don’t have any blockchain knowledge to interact with the technology with an easy-to-understand interface. The NFT sales have historically sold out within minutes and sometimes even seconds. Additionally, the minting process is equally easy to understand.

3.     Refinable- Binance Smart Chain NFT Marketplace

Any avid crypto trader will tell you they’ve heard about Binance at least once in their trading life. That’s all thanks to the multiple financial options found on this platform. Now, you can even create an NFT on the network. Amazing, right? The demand for NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain keeps on growing by the minute. And soon enough, the market will be crowded with multiple buyers looking for the latest NFT projects on BSC.

Recently, the Binance Smart Chain has overtaken Ethereum in this field because of the ease of use and speed. To start minting NFTs on Binance Smart Chain, you will need to connect the platform with your wallet to access the marketplace, Refinable.

4.     Enjin- Polkadot NFT Marketplace

Enjin is an NFT marketplace built on the Polkadot blockchain, creating the next-generation site to purchase or create the latest NFTs. This new, decentralized economy marketplace helps even amateurs in the blockchain world access particular technology perks.

Fees on this platform are designed to remain in the background; hence end-users never need to worry about them. Additionally, transactions on this platform happen within 6-seconds or less hence encouraging mass adoption of the NFT technology. The platform also comes with its token coin known as Enjin. The purchases and trades are recorded in a single registry; hence, the Enjin Wallet will recognize the items. The assets will be interconnected in the entire ecosystem, making it possible to have a worldwide asset transaction.

5.     Hicetnunc- Tezos NFT platform

Hic et Nunc, or otherwise known as H=C, is the NFT platform launched on the Tezos blockchain. This site is full of talented artists with exquisite NFTs that will surely blow your mind off. That means you’ll have to compete with some of the top dogs in this field to mint your NFT on this site successfully.

Thankfully, H=C features several tools that you can use in your NFT minting process. The platform’s interface is relatively easy to use and interpret. However, it will take a bit of getting used to before you can properly navigate through. Some of the NFTs on this page can inspire you to create your artistic item.

Should I mint NFTs?

Of course, yes. I mean, why not? If you believe in yourself, then minting NFTs should be a simple process. Above all, NFTs are the new items in the crypto market. Therefore, it’s still less crowded compared to DApps, DeFi, and Futures trading. Therefore, it’s an opportunity for you to explore your talents.

But if you don’t have any hidden talents, don’t beat yourself up about it. You can still leverage on this NFT gold rush by simply becoming a collector. What do you I mean? Well, you can purchase NFTs and store them until their value appreciates. That means you can sell your collection for a higher price than the original price. There’s more than one way to benefit from NFTs. All you have to do is open your mind to the potential of this market, and I can assure you, there’s a lot of different ways to gain from NFTs. Stick around for more interesting topics on the same.