Ecomi (Omi) is the hottest crypto on the block in 2021. As of right now, there’s a vast following behind this coin with thousands of dedicated fans. This article is designed to help you navigate the vast ocean of the crypto market. To be more specific, we’ll be highlighting all the things you need to know about Ecomi before diving headfirst into trading it.

What is Ecomi (OMI)?

How can I can from it, and is it the right altcoin to invest in 2021?

If that’s your current predicament, you’ve come to the right place. So, buckle up, and let’s get straight to business.

What is Ecomi (OMI)?

Before we begin, I need you to understand what this altcoin is all about. Without a doubt, it’s not your average altcoin in the market. In simple terms, Ecomi is a marketplace for NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), and that’s probably the reason for the recent hype around this blockchain. However, Ecomi adds a bit of flavour to their ecosystem. That’s because, aside from offering an NFT marketplace, Ecomi users eventually have an all-in-one digital platform with economy and security.

The Singapore-based site is supported by ORBIS Blockchain ltd, a great firm in the crypto space. Ecomi comes with the VeVe site, which is technically the virtual space where you can sell or purchase NFTs. Their digital solution also includes an Ecomi secure storage wallet that offers top-notch security for your digital assets, including NFTs.

VeVe- Ecomi (OMI) NFT marketplace

VeVe is relatively new in the digital currency space since its launch in December 2020. The best part about VeVe is that it’s a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android devices. That means this Ecomi (OMI) platform ensures you can trade your NFTs with only a few clicks on your smartphone. With this platform, you can show off your collectables in a personal showroom, and you can also display them in augmented reality creation. Above all, the app comes with a social feed that lets you share your artistic item with other community members.

The future of VeVe is quite bright. The app plans to make gamification that can offer users to play while interacting with the app and other relevant features. All in all, all transactions on VeVe use the OMI tokens as a mode of exchange. That includes a subscription to premium features, among other perks.

The Secure Wallet on Ecomi (OMI)

Another crucial part of the Ecomi blockchain network is the Secure Wallet. This wallet is secure hardware that’s almost similar to Trezor, Ledger and Apollo. What’s more, the platform is roughly the size of a credit card and offers users a cold storage space for their assets. Above all, the Secure Wallet never connects directly to the internet that means your cryptos are safe from online hack attacks that have been an issue for crypto traders.

To beef up the safety, the Secure Wallet uses the EAL5+ security standards and wireless app connection. That provides uses with the highest level of security in the Ecomi (OMI) ecosystem. Additionally, this wallet will not only store OMI tokens, but it’s also compatible with NFTs and thousands of other digital assets. That means you don’t have to look for any additional storage space. With the Secure Wallet, you can store all your digital assets on your phone whenever you are not using them.

Why choose Ecomi (OMI)?

If you are planning to expand your portfolio, you should consider adding OMI tokens. That’s because this token is headed straight to the moon in the next few months, and here are the reasons why:

1.      OMI tokens

Ecomi blockchain technology utilizes the OMI tokens to boost their VeVe ecosystem. So aside from trading on OMI tokens, you can also use them to create your collectable NFT. There are 750 billion tokens minted, and the blockchain employs a deflationary system where tokens used for purchase are burned out of the system. Therefore, the price increase in OMI tokens is imminent no matter the market trends.  

2.      Limited Editions

Another reason why this coin is headed straight to the moon is that Ecomi releases limited series. What do I mean? This blockchain technology only has limited divisions, and with each series, there are about 10,000NFTs that come in two ranges; Common (60%) and Rare (1%). That’s all thanks to blockchain technology, and hence it leads to the collectables appreciating over time.

3.      Augmented Reality

One of the critical features of VeVe is the augmented reality. This feature lets you view your item in a more visual representation that’s breath-taking. You have to experience it to understand what I mean. That’s an advantage that VeVe has over its competitors. The projects on VeVe, thanks to these images, appear more authentic, and that could lead to higher prices of the NFTs.

4.      Low OMI token price

Well, in contrast to the crypto king, Bitcoin, OMI tokens are considerably low in value. And I mean that literally. As of this writing, the price of OMI tokens is still consolidating below the dollar mark, in fact at $0.007. But the value can move up and down depending on the time you will be reading this article.

All in all, with such a low price, OMI tokens are the best altcoins to purchase in the market. That’s because, with a small investment, you could have a considerable volume of these coins. That grants you the chance only to invest capital that you can afford to lose. Ecomi (OMI) has a solid ecosystem set to make waves in the market, but only if you hold or trade on NFTs.

Take Away Message

You are now an avid Ecomi enthusiast, and you have all the essential information to trade on this coin. Currently, the OMI tokens are on a slightly bullish trend, but it’s best to hold these tokens instead of trade on Futures. However, holding crypto tokens doesn’t have high profits, but it’s the safest way to enter the cryptocurrency trading market. Stick around for more interesting topics on the same.